Open Letter from Mena to Politicians in Germany and Other People

this is a personal statement by Mena on the current situatoin of Romanies in Germany and Thuringia. We ask you to read the letter, to support its cause and get active yourselves, e.g. by publishing or forwarding it or by writing an own article. If you have any further queries or have become active yourselves we‘d be happy to forward you contact to Mena. Best regards!

Merhaba, Hello!

I am a Romany activist living in Germany. My name is Mena and I come from a Balkan state. This is an open letter to politicians in Germany and all other people who might read it. They are well informed about the situation in the Balkan countries, the fact that these countries are not at all safe for Romanies. It is a lie to present these countries as safe. We, Romanies, are always shown that no country can be home to us and that we don‘t have our own country.

We also know how many were displaced, deported, tortured, murdered and burnt here in Germany. You tried to exterminate us. Just because of this we are
entitled to stay in Germany. In National-Socialist times you chased us throughout and beyond Europe, also in the Balkans, in order to kill us. Just because of this we are entitled to live here.

We don‘t come here, these days, for pocket money. We come here because – even though here we have to be afraid, too, and inspite of all these hostilities – here we can live in a more dignified way than in the countries where we are from. The money you pay us, however, can not make up for the fear we must have here. The fear we have got because we have already been threatend in public and in everyday life so many times. This fear devours our souls and Germany knows it pretty well. They do it quite consciously and deliberately. You do this on purpose. You seem so innocent when you talk about us, say ‚welcome‘ or ‚voluntary repatriation‘ and at the same time you are so violent. At the core, it is the same ideas as under Hitler. The wave of hatred we are faced with plays out on different levels of society- through something like Pegida, in everyday life or though politicians.

Germany is insatiable. Germany always finds a new way of exerting her violence. Back then, they killed us, today they are stressing us out. What comes next? In
Germany, even animals have got more rights than Romanies. You Germans with your privileges, special rights, can not understand how it feels to be a Romany. Who can make good for all my sufferings and how? You cannot make up for that.

Regards to Bodo Ramelow, Dieter Lauinger and all other politicians who are against us. By contrast with what they keep suggesting we are only a handful of
Romanies in Thuringia. How can one get the idea of conducting a deportation without a pre-announced date? Where is the promised winter ban on deporting? You have lied to us. Why don‘t we get German language courses? Many children don‘t go to kindergarden, why aren‘t there any places for Romany children? What would you think if your children were not allowed to attend school? Where is your moral if you don‘t think of the children?

For how much longer is this supposed to last?

Let us in peace and stop the deportations and stop bunging us in the bin with your speeches. To all the other who are taking this serious: let us fight together!

Mena (with support by her friends)