Break Deportation Aktion in Erfurt – „Roma-Black Box Solidarity“

Roma Solidaritäts-Veranstaltung mit Diskussion und Kulturprogramm

17.12.2016, 16.00 Uhr in Erfurt, Schillerstraße 44, Filler

This is the first Solidarity Event of our campaign to stop the deportation of the Roma family Haliti / Ristic

Refugee activists will speak on their experiences with deportation and social exclusion in Thüringen and Germany to overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe. After that their will be live music and other cultural programm.

By coming together, we will continue to learn from each other, develop our strength by continued self-empowerment to break the deportation culture and to overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe. Most of us are victims of war, brutal and greedy exploitation and exclusion. Some of us lost our families, many of us are separated from their children, wives and husbands, while countless number of us died on the journey to Europe under the watchful eyes of FRONTEX. As a result, many of us remain traumatised today. Yet, instead of being given the necessary therapeutic and other support, we are discriminated against, subjected to various forms of psychological torture and expected to gratefully accept our unspoken label of „Untermensch“ in the name of refugees because we don‘t have bombs raining on us.

Deportation is criminal and corruption of the deportation system! Fight racist nationalism!

Stop the deportation! Support the fax campaign for the right of residence of Shani Haliti and his both children Emil and Emanuel Ristic family from Serbia:…/faxkampagnne-fuer-d…/

We are going to discuss the refugee-migrants campaign to Break the deportation culture of the German and European racist nationalism; to fight the deportations, the violations and the crimes by deportation, the corruption of the deportation system, the ignorance of human dignity in freedom of movement by the German elites and politicians.

Break Deportation Erfurt.