Invitation 14.1. – 3pm – Jena: Break Deportation Network Meeting

Sharing Is Caring, In Solidarity We Remain Connected

Invitation to Break Deportation Network Meeting at the 14.1. – 3pm – Jena – „Haus auf der Mauer“.
Join the Campaign on Refugee Self-organisation in Thueringen continues

What is it?
- open meetings once a month in different cities in thuringia
- especially for refugees to come together and talk about theirproblems internally and also to – – publish them (for example in a campaign)

- situation of refugees in different cities and camps (Lager);
- general political situation
- self organisation of refugee communities
-concrete solidary campaigns against the whole deportation system like the presentation of Balkan refugees fighting against deportation in Jena

Self conception:
In the rich countries of the world there is a culture of deportation and this racist structure destroys people psychological and physiological. Thats why it is important not only to help in single cases but to destroy this wohle structure.

Therefore we try to find options for acting and mobilising others to join the self organised struggle. The bigger / stronger the self organisation is the stronger is the solidarity against isolation and deportation.

There are already strong networks of selforganisation which can be used for that like The Voice Refugee Forum in Jena or Roma Thüringen in Erfurt. But all affected people need to organise to empower themselves and fight for their rights together.

Although it is a long fight and in the moment we reach only small steps of improvement, there is more to win then to loose. Deportation is part of the political system and thats why there has to be a political resistance against it.

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