Action yesterday in Erfurt against deportations

At 21.07.2017 a group of 20 people made their criticism against deportation public with handouts and megaphone. The concret reason for this action was that at thursday, the 13.07.2017, and at thursday, the 20.07.2017, deportations took place from different camps in Erfurt. At the 13.07. at least one family was affected, at the 20.07. at least two young people. And these are only the deportations we got to know about. As it happened already a lot of times the police appeared in the camps in the middle of the night. Between 4 and 5 o clock the police awoke
people and deported them against their will.

Also from Apolda we know about a deportation of at least one person at the 20.07.. This person was even put to deporation prison one day before the deportation. Probably there was a charterflight than from Munich to Serbia and to Kosovo.

On the manifestations there was also information about who is responsible for organising and making the deportations happen, which is the Ausländerbehörde, the Ministry for Migration, the BAMF and the police working together.

In the inner city of Erfurt some people were interested to read the handouts and to know more about the issue to strengthen the criticism against deportations. But there were also people making racist comments or shaking heads while passing us. Because we went to several public places in Erfurt with a lot of
tourists around we could make public at least for a short time what is dayly life for people affected by deportation.