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Respects the 1991 treaty in Cambodia

We recall the peace treaty signed in Paris on 23 October 1991 for Cambodia. President Hun Sen, who has seized power in Cambodia since 32 years, does not respect the Treaty. He announced the harsh persecution of opposition members. There have been arrests of opposition members. Hus Sen says the treaty died. But the people of Cambodia remember that the treaty was signed under the supervision of the king. Cambodia does not belong to a president, but to the people. The government must look after the people.

The Caravan Refugee-Migrant Community discussed the events in Cambodia. They will observe what is happening in Cambodia and do not want to accept it.

Cambodians need freedom. They have to respect each other. Killing and capturing people has to stop. The political prisoners are to be released.


Respektiert den Friedensvertrag von 1991 in Kambodscha

Wir erinnern an den Friedensvertrag von Paris der am 23.10.1991 für Kambodscha unterschrieben wurde. Der Präsident Hun Sen der seit 32 Jahren die Macht in Kambodscha an sich genommen hat respektiert den Vertrag nicht. Er kündigte die harte Verfolgung von Oppositionellen an. Aktuell hat es Festnahmen von Oppositionellen gegeben. Hus Sen sagt der Vertrag ist gestorben. Aber die Menschen in Kambodscha erinnern sich daran das unter der Aufsicht des Königs der Vertrag unterzeichnet wurde. Kambodscha gehört nicht einem Präsidenten sondern den Menschen. Die Regierung muß auf die Menschen achten.

Die Caravan Refugee-Migrant Community in Jena hat als eine Internationale Kommission mit den Ereignissen in Kambodscha beschäftigt. Sie werden beobachten was in Kambodscha geschieht und wollen das nicht Akzeptieren.

Kambodschaner/innen brauchen Freiheit. Sie müssen sich gegenseitig respektieren.

Das töten und die gefangennahme von Menschen muss aufhören.Die politischen Gefangenen sollen freigelassen werden.

Flyer: Deportation is Criminal – The VOICE October 2017 – Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion

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Deportation is Criminal – The VOICE October 2017 – Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion

The VOICE October 2017 – Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion

Deportation is Criminal!

20 – 22.10.2017 in Jena (Haus auf der Mauer Johannisplatz)
Begin: Friday, 6pm
End: Sunday 6pm.

There will be discussions and presentations of participants from The VOICE Refugee Forum – Community Network

The REFUGEE community is our media that connects us with the refugee political struggles. The oppressed people of the world have their fight. Let’s listen to the community!

We are Refugee political activists and asylum seekers from various lagers and heims, mostly from the refugee community living in Jena. We aimed to invite participants, delegates and representatives from all the lagers to take part in The VOICE October event in Jena which is named after the foundation month of „The VOICE – Refugee Forum“ initiated in Muhlhausen-Thueringen in October 1994. In the event, there will be the presentation of „Untitled“ wallpainting by the Peruvian painter Domingo Huaman, commissioned by the Caravan Festival on Colonial Injustice 2010 in Jena, as well as photo exhibitions of the Caravan Network and The VOICE Refugee activism in the „Haus auf der Mauer“, Johannisplatz Jena.

We uphold the mission to bring down the deportation regimes!

„That refugees are free of persecutions and discrimination like the tortures, subjugations, racism; arbitrariness, absurdity and repression that accompany the regulation of the movement of people by states, particularly at borders in Germany Europe and in the western countries. We call for unconditional protection for our security and for the interest of the public to prevent and to stop the deportation:“
(Text On Colonial Injustice: The Slave and Colonial Culture of Deportation:“…

Lets stand together in solidarity as a community for the freedom to move and to live anywhere we are in dignity: There will be reports on the political situation of the refugees here in Germany and their home countries in order to coordinate decentralized solidarity actions in the quarters and lagers of refugees in Jena

Refugee community delegates reports from Jena, Apolda / Badsulza, Erfurt, Dingolfing, Berlin, Hamburg and Kiel.

Topics of the Working groups discussions and for the solidarity acts planning:

  • Refugee Self-organisation and political manifestations in the community, Apolda – Jena and Erfurt
  • Refugee community campaign for freedom of all prisoners in Cambodia in Jena and Erfurt
  • Repression of minorities and honor persecution in Pakistan
  • Social exclusion of a handicapped refugee in Gerstungen
  • Break Deportation Demo: Saturdy, 2. December 2017 at 2pm in Apolda TrainStation

    Jena Refugee Community report

    Deportation is the last chain of Slavery – The Afghan Situation: Political enslavement and corruption by the deportation regimes in Germany/Europe and the Afghan refugee struggles on the rights to residence in Germany (with reports on Afghan refugee community activities in Jena and the solidarity support of refugee communities struggles in Hamburg, Bavaria and Berlin)

    The deaths and murders in the Mediterranean and at the borders
    The global importance of the refugee Community is in continuity of our struggles

    Experimental working groups on refugee solidarity acts
    There will be preparatory working groups planning with discussions on self empowerment structures through social media and networking with community meetings, music making, hiphop – political raps, poems, theaters and readings, games and arts, paintings, banners, photography and video. Cooking and food groups initiatives will empower refugee solidarity actions with food and independent donation.

    A strong „Community VOICE is Our Media“ – Believe in yourself and stay honest in your commitments to connect with the refugee community struggles:


    Our presence is the dignity, as your belief is WHOM you are
    We calling for Freedom now
    Unite against colonial injustice!


    Bring down the deportation regime!

    Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion – Deportation is Criminal. We can stop the deportations! What we can do more is to fight and protest the deportation and the „Dublin policies“ so that we can break the isolation of refugees.

    The civilization by migration is the only alternative power of the peoples‘ movements. There is no country on earth that exists without the history of migration. Migration and connection are legitimate resources of the people and families to connect with the global world of information and peace. It is the main driver for progress. We are all on the move!

    Refugee struggles against border for freedom of movement are propagated as criminal and unlawful. But: Who are the murderers in these wars against refugees and migrations? We are at war. No regime can stop migration without wars against the refugees. The election results say it is clearer that the German society is at war against the refugees and migration. But does it offer a perspective to solve any of the relevant issues of humanity, here or elsewhere?

    The refugee political community struggles is the only alternative movement to expose the hypocrisy of the German welcome culture and of the politicians‘ abuses of the fundamental rights and dignity of the refugees in order to earn racist votes.

    What the election has still not asked is: Who is the Nazi that people are talking about? Were there no Nazis before the election? We will ask again and again: Who is the Nazi? Who is the Nazi in the parliament? Is being a Nazi identical or cultural?

    The Babylon is falling big again: With Nazi in parliament there is no democracy

    Refugees are „Welcome“ to Germany if you don‘t have opinions of being discriminated and on the war against refugees in the German society, as they continue with the propaganda of their Babylon agenda to democratize its colonial legacy or policies, so as to eleminate their inhuman crimes against refugees. .

    The community must rise up!
    Solidarity is resistance, your engagement is your power.


    To our supporters:

    Our strategies: Organizing in trainings with action program and manifestations:

    Empower our network organizers and mobilize to defend ourselves as refugees and to protest against refugee abuses by the state authorities. Organizing and mobilizing our communities to stand up and take action for our collective values, to organize in solidarity and for justice in our communities, through the networking meetings. Solidarity is resistance, your engagement is your power.

    Empowering concrete solidarity from our regular events or meetings to connect and to increase the capacity of our resistance on the short term and beyond (though in resisting threats of deportation in here and now is paramount urgency) as urgent actions are demanded to stop the deportations leading the long term abolition campaign Empower our manifestation; from network- campaign strategy and to mapping the power of refugee resistance in their organizing spaces.

    We have helped to save the refugee struggles again for a higher-impact in the community neighbourhoods with events and activities against deportation and social exclusion in Germany, especially in Thueringen and Bavaria.

    Despite the difficulties we have to reach more communities in all German states we highly appreciated the courage and the financial contribution from the donnors to sustain the continuity of The VOICE Refugee Forum – Community Network in Germany in our manifestation and mobilization for justice in solidarity exchange in the refugee community

    We gained from the redistribution of the power in concrete solidarity within the refugee communities in their localities. Building on the continuity of The VOICE Refugee Forum in our success is a long-term challenge, and we need your continuous support to be able to devote more of our resources to building long-term results.

    „Power up the refugee space“ – Caravan Refugee Struggle.

    The VOICE and Caravan network will host the caravan meeting evaluation of the Open Meeting in Hamburg „Power up the refugee space“ on 26/27.2017. Where more than 55 refugees / migrant activists and asylum-seekers met with also non refugee caravan activists of caravan network.
    Members of the The VOICE with the Caravan network activists from Berlin, Magdenburg, Jena/Thueringen and NRW who participated in the caravan open meeting in Hamburg will be invited to the Caravan evaluation which will take place in Jena on 20-22.10.2017:

    Meeting place: CarlZeiss straße 3, FS University of Jena

    Listen Radio: Discussions of The VOICE Radio Show in Berlin: The Revival Of The CARAVAN For The Rights Of Refugees And Migrants Network

    Listen to The VOICE Radio Show in Berlin: With the Music of Bigger Rize „Refugees not Enemy“. #VOICES on# Rebootfm: In case you missed the show, click the link to listen to the podcast:

    The Revival Of The CARAVAN For The Rights Of Refugees And Migrants Network. The REFUGEE community is our media that connects us with the refugee political struggles. The oppressed people of the world have their fight. Let’s listen to the community!

    There will be discussions and presentations of participants from The VOICE Refugee Forum – Community Network

    On the crimes of Deportation – The VOICE October 2017 – Unite Against Deportation and Social Exclusion