Call for comments and solidarity support – Refugee Black Box Events 2018

4th to 7th October 2018 in Jena:

One Solidarity! We will admit that every refugee is a Black Box!
From 4th to 7th October 2018 the annual programm of the Refugee Black Box will take place in Jena.

„Break the Deportation DNA Chain: „Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted“ – Beyond the Court rooms #REFUGEE_BLACKBOX Installation in Jena, 04-07.10.2018“
Please see attachment for further information. We will be pleased to read from activists of the break deportation, break isolation networks, anti-deportation and solidarity activists comments on the theoretical background of the refugee Blackbox in the refugee political struggles on a realistic basis. Critiques are highly appreciated!

Please inform refugees you may know in Thueringen and beyond to join the special events of the refugee Black Box in October Jena. We invite participants to join us in Jena to produce 300 Refugee Black Boxes with their statements, demands or slogans for the installations and for participants‘ parade. There will workshops, discussions, We expect activists from Thueringen, Hamburg NRW and Berlin to meet and discuss with more participants of Refugee Black Box installation.

Solidarity donation is urgently needed:
We are calling for everybody’s – refugees, single activists, communitys and political organisation and groups – for solidarity and financial support as our financial means are limited. We could not hold a nationwide preparatory meeting because of the financial cost. We strictly depend on private donation to sustain our struggles without state institutions.
The numbers of participants are not expected to be less than last year, although we are having financial problems to pay for transportation of refugee participants like the last years. We will be calling on refugees and migrants participants to finance their transportation to the refugee Black Box events in Jena.

Listen to the refugees in Apolda! An example of oppression and resistance:
The refugee camp administration in Apolda is a model of an „open prison“ without perspectives, so many refugees say. Refugees are threatened to deaths in Isolation with constant threats of deportation and restrictions without perspectives. Most refugees from Afghanistan are put under pressure and are being forced by the Apolda foreign office to comprised their fredom and rights to protection and security in exile, as against state persecutions of the refugees and the insecurity in Afghistan. Will you join us to protest the maltreatments of refugees by deportation and social exclusion with our own political media of resistance – the Refugee Black Box?

Especially we cannot afford to pay for participants outside Thueringen. We are calling on local political groups to support the transport of refugees from their area to the events on 04-07.10.2018 in Jena.
We also call for general support by donation and by solidarity events in any localities possible for the BlackBox.

The next workshop preparatory meeting of the refugee Black Box meeting will be in Jena on Friday, 07.09.2018 at 6pm in Jena. Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena, by The VOICE Refugee Forum
Refugee Black BOX Installation – Let’s work together to break the deportation!

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena